Meta Knowledge
Organizational Meta Knowledge Resource

What type of questions will be asked when creating a Meta Knowledge Resource.


A well thought out question will form both the starting place and the guiding mechanism for the construction of a Knowledge Structure Map which reveals meta knowledge. Here are some questions to consider:

What does a successful business leader need to know in order to achieve consistent profitable long term growth for an existing business?

What does an expert maintenance engineer need to know in order to maximise plant operational time and minimise plant breakdown and loss of production?

What knowledge is needed in order to run a successful business support group and create a growing demand for services based on measured successes?

What knowledge is required in order to set up and run a new business venture and ensure that the business sets and achieves sensible short, medium and long term goals?

What needs to be known by a commanding officer in order to devise and give effective commands which lead to successful and desired outcomes in a command and control structure?

What would an expert journalist need to know in order to conduct journalistic activities which delivered accurate, unbiased and relevant news?

What would a person need to know in order to develop a highly successful and profitable Café and Catering Service which gains and maintains a top reputation for quality and service?

What knowledge is needed by the Prime Minister of the UK in order to maintain a successful, growing and stable economy along with the delivery of all government responsibilities such as security, infrastructure and environment?

What does a household manager need to know in order to provide a stable well run home which operates within its fixed budget yet maintains a happy and healthy environment for all family members?