Meta Knowledge
Organizational Meta Knowledge Resource

How can Meta Knowledge be investigated?

Knowledge Structure Mapping

A method called ‘
Knowledge Structure Mapping’ has been developed and refined over many years and is specifically targeted at Organizational Meta Knowledge.

The method and tools support the construction of a meta knowledge resource, its analysis and its development.

Knowledge Study Tool based visualization of a Meta Knowledge Resource provides easy access to decision support information.

Meta Knowledge Resource information can also be exported to a dedicated web site to allow remote access where needed.

The method involves interviews with domain experts. This process supports the construction of a visual knowledge map.

The map contains knowledge structural information and the considered opinion of experts regarding each element of knowledge.

The map can also contain time information, staffing levels, learn time information and more.

Analysis of the map leads to a full report about the meta knowledge and additional resources such as a web site which allows access to the data from the map and analytical results.

The Knowledge Study Tool automatically provides much of the analytical data.